2019 Medutopia - Medutopia Kentucky 

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What is Medutopia Kentucky?

Medutopia Kentucky is an innovative course specifically designed for ALL medical educators (regardless of level of training). Our content is designed to help you reinvent medical education for the modern learner and to help you reinvigorate and reenergize your career. The course is a clever blend of medical education, social media, faculty development, wellness/resiliency, and entrepreneurship. We have added entrepreneurship based on a growing interest in developing the skills needed to create projects outside of traditional job roles.

How is this course different than others?

This course is for ALL medical educators. It's not just for emergency medicine...not just critical care or anesthesia. 

It's for EVERY healthcare educator...regardless of profession or level of training. That's the difference between us and most other courses. 


There are lots of courses out there devoted to medical education, but few offer a such a carefully-crafted blend of med ed topics, professional development, social & digital media skills, and medical education entrepreneurial skills (medupreneur). In addition to providing cutting-edge topics given by world class educators, we offer meaningful and long-lasting networking relationships with our course faculty. We will also work with you individually to help shape your creative ideas and put them into action.


Our mission is to help you: 1. develop your skills as a learning choreographer, 2. connect to learners on all levels, and 3. build a skillset in medical education entrepreneurism that could give you more freedom in your creative life. 

What will the course cover? 

Medutopia Kentucky isn't a traditional medical education course. In addition to medical education topics that you would normally expect, we will take a deep dive into the nitty gritty of topics not really well (if at all) covered at other courses. Our aim is to provide tools that will make you a well-rounded, effective, and happy educator. We have created a learning and networking system that will change your life. How many courses can say that? 


Personal branding for the medical educator


Podcasting as a learning and teaching tool


Presentation design and delivery skills that truly affect audiences


The science of learning


Incorporation of wellness and resiliency into your career as an educator


The essential elements of developing yourself into an “edupreneur” (educational entrepreneur)


Becoming a successful learning choreographer in medical education


The use of social media to teach and learn in the global classroom