2019 Medutopia - Medutopia Kentucky 

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The Medupreneur Lab is a brand new course offering by Medutopia. Development of this innovative course grew out of a growing interest in entrepreneurism in medicine and a desire to be your own boss.  More and more healthcare providers are looking for ways to develop either a side income and/or have more creative and innovative freedom in their lives.  At Medutopia we realize that not everyone is ready to make the leap and leave their "day jobs," so we have created a course that will teach you the tools you need to start small with your side projects and ramp them up to total independence when you are ready. This course is designed for ALL levels of providers in healthcare (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc.).  In addition to being for medical educators, this course is designed for ANYONE in education (elementary school all the way up to graduate school). 


Topics we will cover:

-Idea brainstorming
-Basics of intellectual property
-Basics of setting up a business 
-Discussion of the concept of "revenue streams"
-Developing a website and the ins/outs of SEO (search engine optimization)
-Using social media, video, and podcasting to grow your ideas
-Content creation, marketing, and advertising
-Developing your personal brand, voice, and digital footprint. 
-Brand strategy exercise 
-Logo creation
-Mission statement exercises
-Blending your entrepreneurial endeavor with your day job



Includes lunch


5 open slots 

Sept 8-Precon-The Medupreneur Lab